VARCO, BPM top drive cable


Weifang Heris is registered in Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong Province. The company's main members have many years of experience in technical services, product development and manufacturing of oil drilling equipment, and have a solid knowledge base and rich experience in the field. Development and on-site technical service teams. The company is committed to the development of new oil drilling equipment and related new technologies. At the same time, relying on the company's unique top drive technology strength, it provides on-site technical service and top drive spare parts service for drilling operations at home and abroad to ensure the continuous operation of drilling operations for customers. Heris offers a full range of AC and DC top drive spare parts and cables from Varco, TPEC Tianyi, and BPM. Based on our years of experience in top drive service, we have a large stock of stock. On the basis of guaranteeing the quality of spare parts, the company strives to provide customers with better delivery time and more favorable prices. Some standing stocks include:
Top drive daily consumption/wear parts, seals, and various mechanical and hydraulic system repair kits;
Electric drive system accessories, circuit protection and switching components, circuit control boards, cables and connectors;
Secondary assembly, such as punch assembly, IBOP assembly, hydraulic pump assembly, gear lubrication pump assembly, etc.
The company provides a variety of models of top drive matching cable, service loop  the United States imported, technical advice, manufacturers custom, logistics and after-sales service integration.

VARCO, BPM top drive cable
Power cable
1 Power cable From the SCR room to the inverter room line, supply power to the inverter room (600VAC), three power cables, and one ground wire.
2 Ground cable From the inverter house to the bottom of the derrick. Three wire power lines, one ground wire.
3 Vertical cable The bottom of the derrick to the top of the derrick.
4 swimming cable from the top of the derrick to the main motor, providing cable to the top drive
II 19 auxiliary power cable
1 Ground-assisted cable From the inverter room to the bottom of the derrick.
2 Swimming auxiliary cable Power from the bottom of the derrick to the top drive body to the fan, hydraulic pump and main motor heater.
Three 42 control cable
1 Ground control cable From the inverter room to the bottom of the derrick.
2 Swim control cable Control the solenoid valve and encoder from the bottom of the derrick to the top drive body.
Four communication cable
1 VDC communication line Communication cable from frequency conversion room to VDC

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