• Camp Container House

    Camp Container House

    container house, folding container house, camp

  • Liquid-gas Separator

    Liquid-gas Separator

    Liquid-gas Separator Liquid-gas separator can separate gas phase and liquid phase from the gas contained drilling liquid. In drilling process, after going through decompression tank into separation tank, the gas contained drilling fluid impacts the baffles with high speed, which breaks and releases the bubbles in liquid to realize separation of liquid and gas and improve drilling fluid density.

  • NJ Mud Agitator

    NJ Mud Agitator

    NJ Mud Agitator NJ mud agitator is an important part of mud purification system. In general, each mud tank equips with 2 to 3 mud agitators installed on the circulation tank, which make impeller goes into certain depth under the liquid level by revolving shaft. The circulating drilling fluid is not easy to precipitate because of its stirring and the chemicals added can be mixed evenly and quickly. The adaptive environment temperature is -30~60℃.

  • ZQJ Series Mud Cleaner

    ZQJ Series Mud Cleaner

    Mud cleaner, also called all-in-one machine of desanding and desilting, is the secondary and tertiary solid control equipment to process drilling fluid, which combines desanding cyclone, desilting cyclone and underset screen as one complete equipment. With compact structure, small size and powerful function, it is the ideal choice for secondary and tertiary solid control equipment.

  • Shale Shaker

    Shale Shaker

    Shale shaker is the first level processing equipment of drilling fluid solid control. It can be used by single machine or multi-machine combination mating all kinds of oil field drilling rigs.

  • Mud Purification System

    Mud Purification System

    Mud Purification System is a set of mud purification treatment equipment specially designed for the characteristics of petroleum, coalbed methane drilling and mining. The main equipment of the system includes: vibrating screen, desander, centrifuge, jet mud mixer, mud tank and so on. CBM drilling mud purification system has powerful configuration, large processing capacity, high mud screening precision, compact structure, folding design and convenient mobile operation. Can be used in oil drilling, CBM drilling and river dredging silt treatment

  • Centrifuge


    Centrifuge Centrifuge is one of the important equipment of solid control. It is mainly used for removal of tiny harmful solid phase in drilling fluid. It can be also used for centrifugal sedimentation, drying, and unloading etc.

  • ZCQ Series Vacuum Degasser

    ZCQ Series Vacuum Degasser

    ZCQ series vacuum degasser, also known as negative pressure degasser, is a special equipment for treatment of gas cut drilling fluids, able to quickly get rid of various gas intruding into the drilling fluid. Vacuum degasser plays an important role in recovering mud weight and stabilizing mud performance. It can also be used as a high-power agitator and applicable to all types of mud circulating and purification system. Compact structure and degassing efficiency of above 95%. Select Nanyang explosion-proof motor or domestic famous brand motor. Electric control system adopts famous brand of China.

  • Drilling Fluid

    Drilling Fluid

    The company has obtained water base and oil base drilling fluid technologies as well as assorted auxiliaries, which can meet drilling operation requirements of complicated geological environment with high temperature, high pressure, strong water sensitivity and easy collapse etc.

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