• Sucker Rod Elevator

    Sucker Rod Elevator

    Features Reversible body styles Available in solid or plate-type body style Front and real latches for easier operation

  • Sucker rods

    Sucker rods

    Sucker rods

  • Polished Rod Clamps

    Polished Rod Clamps

    Polished Rod Clamps are a high quality, high strength, yet light weight and easy to use clamp.

  • Down Hole Gas Separator

    Down Hole Gas Separator

    Features 1、Gas separation 2、Production increase 3、Prevents gas locking 4、Pump efficiency and pump rate will be increased

  • Tubing Drain

    Tubing Drain

    The Tubing Drain allows for the tubing string to be drained prior to tripping, avoiding problems associated with pulling a “wet string”.

  • slotted pipes

    slotted pipes

    Features 1.Structural characteristics——compound cavity 2.Mechanical characteristics---higher mechanical strength than laser slotted liner 3.Slot surface characteristics——better abrasion resistance and inoxidizability 4.Slot processing characteristics——high accuracy of slot width 5.Application characteristics——self cleaning effect

  • Hammer Union

    Hammer Union

    Hammer Unions are high-pressure threaded or welded connections with two halves a threaded female half and a wing male half with swivel nut that fit together and seal upon turning and then hammering the nut half together with the threaded half. We can supply hammer unions come in sizes from 1" up to 10" and in pressures from 1,000 psi up to 15,000 psi. These type of hammer unions are commonly used in oilfield and industrial applications to seal two pieces of pipe or hose together by making a connection via threads or welds.

  • Sucker Rod Pump

    Sucker Rod Pump

    It is applied to the oil well containing corrosive medium such as salt sulfur, carbon dioxide and bacteria and the wells with fewer sands.

  • downhole drilling motors

    downhole drilling motors

    Features 1. Material: High manganese steel 2. Standard: API 3. Advanced technology: With advanced international technology level and design, we can produce all kinds of downhole motor, such as replaceable cylinder centralizer downhole motor, large power downhole motor, meeting drilling well usage downhole motor and so on. 4.Big torque, high effective, wide flow rate range, running stable and long using time.

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